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19 August 2012 @ 09:19 pm
My Worst Enemy

Beyond the surface, deep in the flesh
There is a part of me I want to thresh,
My inner voice of self-destruction,
A sweet sound of mere seduction.

She taunts me in the most cruel ways,
Sometimes she doesn`t stop for days,
I scream at her, but she screams back,
Determination, she does not lack.

She picks and digs at a healing scab,
Attacks the lesion with a stab,
Opens the wound and pours the salt,
Stinging sensation leaves me at halt.

My inner demon knows what to say,
Won`t leave me alone for a single day,
She knows just what will make me ache,
If she continues I might just break.

The inner fight to win control,
She wants to get into my soul,
A place so sacred, I will not share,
It belongs to me, this I swear.

I`ll overpower you with my drive,
You will die and I`ll survive,
I don`t deserve the lies you say,
I will not stop until you go away.

In the end, you are to blame,
My dignity, I must reclaim,
You are the loser, for you are weak,
For this, my friend,
is the last time we speak.

18 August 2012 @ 12:28 pm

She looks into your eyes,
Your soul.
She sees beyond the lies,
She finds the innocence he stole.

Just a little girl, naive,
Didn`t know right from wrong,
He made her believe,
This is where she belongs.

He told her this secret must be concealed,
Nobody should know,
Her lips must be kept sealed,
Her pride she must let go.

As time passed, she felt unsure,
Of who she was, and where she`d been,
Too young, she did mature,
And didn`t feel the love within.

She searched for acceptance in all the wrong places,
Met men just like he was,
Same intentions, just different faces,
Now she`s looking for a buzz.

The memories too much,
She turned to drug addiction,
It became her crutch,
As she suffered from affliction.

Her body mutilated,
Hiding the memories she hated.

A look behind the pain,
Just another broken smile,
Alive she will remain,
Even just for a little while.

As years passed,
Stronger, she grew,
Feeling free at last,
After all that she'd been through.

Letting go of fears,
Thought and feeling,
She writes this without tears,
As she discovers a whole new healing.

17 August 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Look into the mirror,
And watch it shatter,
My vision`s getting clearer,
But nothing seems to matter.

A look beyond your eyes,
All I see is weakness,
A person in disguise,
Someone with a secret.

The start of my demise,
A moment free of demons,
An instant spare of lies,
A little taste of freedom.

17 August 2012 @ 10:45 pm

Just one touch,
A lightbolt through my veins.
A rush beyond control.

A feeling like no other,
Living on the edge,
Taking a risk.

Stimulate the mind, the body,
The soul.
Never looking back,
Nor looking ahead.